Music, Mindfulness, and Stem

After school program offered 3x weekly to children 5-12 with Yoga, Meditation, and feelings- followed by Arts, Music and Technology, all designed to integrate mind and body knowledge into creative expressions for greater mental, physical, and behavioral health.

Rest for the Weary- Yoga Nidra

An exploration into Guided Meditation that is designed to bring alert awareness and relaxation to those needing to awaken their sense of inner calm. Good for insomnia, anxiety, and deep relaxation.


Gentle Yoga

Classes in Yoga designed for Seniors and those with mobility issues. Here beginners can learn more about their bodies and abilities, while building strength and mental acuity.

Guided Meditation for Children

​Children often need a space to calm and soothe themselves. This class is designed to teach children to take care of their own minds, gently guided with body awareness and soft instrumental music.

Pre Natal Yoga

​Healthy Practices for children start in the womb. These 8 week programs provide relaxation, gentle fitness, and mental support for mommies to be.


​Designed by the BYTA (Black Yoga Teachers Alliance). This program is offered as a community service project to bring trauma awareness and healing centered engagement to participants, and provide simple techniques to greater inner health- mind, body and spirit for All.

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