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  • I'm not in the best shape can I do Yoga?
    Yes, Our classes are designed to be gentle, and are a great way to get moving. You decide your pace, and do your best, that's it.
  • Is Yoga a religious practice?
    No, Yoga is a practice based upon bringing your mind and body into focus with itself. Often interpreted as "to join or yoke", it can feel as if you are uplifting your spirit, but there is no religious doctrine here.
  • Do I need special equipment to do yoga?
    No. You can purchase extra props such as bolsters, straps, and blocks to help your practice, but you can also use regular household items to help you, such as : pillows, or cushions, a chair, a belt or even books.
  • Meditation is hard. I can't sit still? What can I do?
    Meditation is something to practice. You can start with everyday things. Try to focus on doing one task at a time: wash the dishes with full concentration, eat a meal in silence, take a walk without music, look out a window for a couple of minutes without sound. These are all means of meditation.
  • Meditation brings up feelings that make me upset? Why?
    Silence and focus often give you space to confront those feelings you may have denied or avoided. Sometimes the space brings forth those feelings. Often if we allow them to come and release, we feel much better. Eventually those feelings cease hurting us, as we accept them without judgment.
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